Newly Certified Irrigation Designer

Newly Certified Irrigation Designer

 Price Merrett Consulting's new Irrigation Engineer, David Mohr has become a Certified Irrigation Designer specialising in Agricultural Surface.

This achievement means that Price Merrett Consulting has Victoria's only two Certified Irrigation Designers in the area of Agricultural Surface Irrigation.  There are very few surface specialty Certified Irrigation Designers in Australia.

David started this process in 2013 while working in Northern NSW; he said that “completing this certification will now allow me to certify irrigation designs".

He also said "We aim for better irrigation efficiencies with higher irrigation uniformities to reduce our water use, while increasing yields and profits. It is through design and consultation by suitably qualified and experienced designers that this can be achieved".

The Certified Irrigation Designer certification lets growers know that the designer holds an industry regulated benchmark, and gives them peace of mind that their work is being undertaken by professionals. 

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